Click a link below to see photos of some of what we’ve been up to:


Concert Black rehearses for their Make Music New York gig 6.20.11

Julian Day, Luke Jaaniste, & Janet McKay have a concert in Exapno 6.17.11

James Moore and Andie Springer give Exapno Benefit Concert 6.16.11

Robert Honstein and friends rehearse for his Sleeping Giant premiere 6.14.11

Sam Adams and Adrian Knight have a concert of premieres in Exapno 5.21.11

Florent Ghys and friends have a concert in Exapno 5.13.11

Alec Hall and Bryan Jacobs have their Silent Trios concert in Exapno 3.19.11

Molly Thompson’s rehearsals with her ensemble for her Music with a View premiere 3.11.11

Sean Friar’s rehearsal with Line C3 for his piece Clunker Concerto for the ACO 3.27.11

The Exapno Kwanzukahmas Party 12.17.10