Exapno is a new music community center.  What does that mean?  It’s a place where musicians come to compose, rehearse and perform for the monthly price of a gym membership.  In a city where renting rehearsal space can be prohibitively expensive and isolating, Exapno creates a cheaper, more inviting option.  Though composing is generally seen as a lonely pursuit, Exapno fosters a community of composers working side by side in a supportive work environment.  With no hassle, Exapno members simply sign out the mainspace to get their work heard in an informal concert setting.  More broadly, members benefit from the rich opportunities found in the diverse talents of our music community.





Board of Directors

Lainie Fefferman

Kevin Clark

Jeffrey Edelstein

Jascha Narveson



Advisory Board

Martin Bresnick

Robert Dick

Paul Lansky

Steve Mackey

Todd Reynolds

Morton Subotnick

Kathleen Supové

Dan Trueman

Randall Woolf

Julia Wolfe



Exapno’s sister org is
the Center for New Music in San Francisco.
Check out the great work they do here!






Exapno is located at 33 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn

(at the 2/3/4/5 Nevins Stop)