Exapno has only been able to grow and prosper because of the support and encouragement of like-minded individuals who believe in it.  Thanks to you!


Joseph Gregorio, composer/conductor, www.josephgregoriomusic.com

Sean Friar, composer, www.seanfriar.com

Kevin Clark, composer, www.kevinclarkcomposer.com

Michael Barnett, freelance oboist, Brookline, MA

Oscar Bettison, composer, www.oscarbettison.com

Matt Marks, composer/performer, www.mattmarksmusic.com

Jessica Feldman, artist, www.jessicafeldman.org

Nathan Williamson, composer and pianist, www.nathanwilliamson.co.uk

Jeremiah Bornfield, composer, www.PLRcounterpoint.com

Michael Vincent, composer, www.michaelvincent.ca

Jeffrey Edelstein, director of New Music, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Glenn Swann, shakuhachi player, www.myspace.com/glennswannshakuhachi

Kathleen Supové, pianist, www.supove.com

Armando Bayolo, composer, founder and artistic director, Great Noise Ensemble, www.armandobayolo.com

David Wolfson, composer, www.davidwolfsonmusic.net

Robert Dick, modern flutist, www.robertdick.net

Donald H. Sanborn III, composer/arranger/lyricist, www.myspace.com/donaldhsanborniii

Alex Temple, composer, www.alextemplemusic.com

Randall Woolf, composer, www.randallwoolf.com

Jonathan Boschetto, musicologist

Jen Mesch Dance Conspiracy, www.dance-conspiracy.org

Isabelle O’Connell, pianist, www.isabelleoconnell.com

Melinda Faylor, pianist

Martin Bresnick, composer, www.martinbresnick.com

Jascha Narveson, composer, www.jaschanarveson.com

Andrea Mazzariello, composer, performer, www.andreamazzariello.com

Kento Watanabe, composer, improvisational pianist, www.kentomusic.com

Dan Trueman, composer, fiddler, http://silvertone.princeton.edu/~dan

Raymond J. Lustig, composer, New York City

Kate Campbell, pianist, www.katecampbellpiano.com

Rebecca Fiebrink – Princeton University, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, also Music

REDSHIFT, chamber music, www.redshiftensemble.com

Steven Swartz, composer and new music advocate, www.dotdotdotmusic.net

Molly Thompson, singer/composer, www.mollythompsonmusic.com

Dither, electric guitar quartet, www.ditherquartet.com

Jonathan Elliott, composer/pianist/sound designer/educator/visual artist , www.jonathanelliott.net

Eleonore Oppenheim, double-bassist, electric-bassist, composer, www.eleonoreoppenheim.com

Kamilla Arku, pianist

Sarah Kirkland Snider, composer and Co-Director, New Amsterdam Records.

Steven Mackey, composer and Chair, Princeton University Music Department.

Ryan Brown, composer, www.ryanbrownmusic.com

Betsey Biggs, composer and interdisciplinary artist, www.betseybiggs.org

Daniel Iglesia, composer, with lasers, www.danieliglesia.com

Corey Dargel, composer & singer/songwriter, http://automaticheartbreak.com/

Stephanie Loveless, sound & media artist, www.stephanieloveless.ca

Paul Lansky, composer, music.princeton.edu:16080/~paul

Anna Grafton, teacher

David Mutton, deputy director of development, The Moth

Morton Subotnick, composer, www.mortonsubotnick.com

Seth Cluett, artist, performer, composer, www.onelonelypixel.org

Zach Layton, guitarist, composer, curator, Issue Project Room, www.zachlaytonindustries.com

Roy Femenella, horn

Jean Narveson, editor, The Music Times, www.themusictimes.info